January 24, 2020

“Clean Planet” Austin Straubel Airport Installation

“Clean Planet”

A Community Collaboration Sculpture by Gregory Frederic

Members of our community, under the instruction of artist Gregory Frederic, painted these bottles to raise awareness for the widely recognized problem of plastic waste. While it is an important material for our economy, providing multiple benefits to modern day living, plastic takes up valuable space in landfill sites and is polluting the natural environment, having an especially significant impact on our oceans. One million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and this number is set to increase if we do not act. A number of organizations and countries are banning the use and production of disposable plastics, and we too can extend a helping hand to the global movement of reducing plastic waste. It’s never too late to start using less plastic and support efforts to leave a cleaner planet for the next generation.

Presented by: Titletown Development LLC in collaboration with The Art Garage and Austin Straubel Airport

“Plastic in the Air”-Video Link Below…

December 17, 2019

My Newest Mural

As Artist-in-Residence for the Appleton Public Library, Gregory was excited to connect with teens from the STAR program through the Appleton Area School District and the Boys and Girls Club to inspire creativity and help showcase our community, including our diverse perspectives and experiences. STAR (Scholars on Target to Achieve Results) is an academic engagement intervention program for middle & high school African American students in the Appleton and Menasha school districts. Significant disparities exist in educational attainment based on race. In Appleton and Menasha, the four-year graduation rate is approximately 90% for white students and only 70% for black students. Gregory worked with teens to design and create an incredible mural that hangs in the teen area in the library.

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