Since being born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1985, Frederic uses color to chronicle every single day.  In 2008 he was mentored by successful Haitian artists to start his career painting ‘still life’ subject matter in oil paint.  He began working as a muralist for the World Health Organization and sold commissioned paintings.  Two years later he changed medium and started developing his own special techniques.  Acrylic became his best friend, canvases were his siblings and tiny brushes were like his kids.  In 2011, at his first solo exhibition in Haiti, he sold 14 original paintings.

Frederic’s strong will to succeed and determination comes from being the first born in a family of six.  His parents run a tailor business, so they also have the artistic eye to create art from fabric.  Many pieces of their clothing became the backdrop for his custom painted clothes.  He sold them to American mission teams, for which he was a private security guard.

He relocated to Green Bay Wisconsin in 2013 and married Amy in 2014.  Together they juggle raising their family while managing the business, CrewlArt, named after his childhood nickname, Crewl.  Frederic continues adding to his list of satisfied collectors and represents local artists at fine art fairs and galleries throughout the country.


  • Eye Heart World’s State of the Art Gala, Featured auction piece
  • Green Bay Press Gazette Newspaper, CrewlArt featured article
  • Artigras Green Bay, Award of Excellence
  • Fox Cities Magazine, Artists to Watch featured article


  • UWGB’s Bird in the Wings Podcast, Featured Artist
  • Agora Art Fair, Award of Excellence   
  • Bergstrom-Mahler Arts Festival, Lillian Noble Memorial Award
  • Art Fair Off the Square, ‘Best in Show’-Painting Category
  • Neville Public Museum’s 74th Art Annual, Purchase Award
  • Flint Art Fair, 1st Place Award
  • Artigras Green Bay, Award of Excellence


  • Madison’s Art Fair Off the Square, Featured Artist
  • Spring Green Arts Fair, 2nd Place-2D Category
  • Fox Cities Magazine, CrewlArt featured article
  • ArtStreet Green Bay, Award of Excellence


  • Green Lake‘s Fine Arts Show, Award of Excellence
  • Art Fair Off the Square, ‘Best in Show’-Painting Category
  • Wolf River Art League Mid-Winter Art Show, Honorable Mention Award
  • Frankly Green Bay Magazine, CrewlArt featured article


  • New Visions Gallery Art Fair, Award of Excellence
  • Artigras Green Bay, Best Display Award
  • Green Bay Arts Unlimited Spring Festival, 3rd Place Professional Division Award
  • Tundraland’s Charity Auction, Primary in Donations
  • Frankly Green Bay Magazine, February Cover
  • Green Lake Fine Arts Show, Best New Artist Award


  • Artigras Green Bay, ‘Best in Show’ Award
  • Green Bay Press Gazette Newspaper, CrewlArt featured article

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