Artist Statement

Proudly born and raised in Haiti, I am an artist aspiring to represent the economic hardships and complex realities of life.  The inspiration for my colorful pieces comes imagefrom the circumstances of the world around me, people I meet and places I visit.  My expressionistic art focuses on justice.  I hope to inspire change, living in harmony and respect for one another.  I use color and movement to capture the culture of the society in which I was raised.  Mostly self-taught, I believe God gave me my talent, but also I have been mentored by successful Haitian artists.  I started painting commercial murals and went on to paint on clothing and jewelry.  I custom mix most of my acrylic colors to create the desired depth and vibrant synergy within each piece.  I would categorize my work as modern eclectic with a bit of surrealistic cubism.  Primarily I want my work to evoke a feeling, memory or tell a story, which is evident in the uniqueness of my technique. 

                                                                                                                                                 mural in progress

“Being an artist should be…sharing the joy forward to make the world smile!”

                  -Gregory Frederic